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Happy or frustrated?
Communicating or not really?
Trust or not present?
Thriving, surviving or dying on the vine?


Evolve and elevate your romantic relationship in this
3-day experiential couples workshop
using neuroscience-based, actionable tools
to take into everyday life.

Is your immediate response, "hey, we're good!"?

You should definitely keep reading and watch this video!!

As Jim Collins would say, "Good is the enemy of GREAT."

Friday - Sunday, May 17th - 19th, 2024 
9 am to 6 pm        
(lunch included)              

Denver Marriott West
1717 Denver West Blvd
Golden, CO 80401 

Special room rate, see details below         


"Communication is the response you get."

Ever heard that before?  Did it piss you off?  Yeah, us too.
Until we learned to be effective communicators in our relationship.  As a couple, we've successfully navigated every major hurdle (and a heap of minor ones!) a marriage can face.  And still here we are.... loving each other, with respect and compassion.  We created this workshop because couples need REAL WORLD TOOLS to handle the journey that is every relationship.

Candy Sprinkles

Here's what you'll experience in the 3 days....

♥  Eliminate shame, blame and guilt

♥  Uncover your roadblocks to letting yourself FEEL loved

♥  Communicate in a way to be HEARD by your partner

♥  Invoke healthy relationship agreements

♥  Understand yours and your  partner's values

♥  Discover a deeper connection with yourself and your partner

♥  Fill the toolbox with resources for when bumps occur

...and have some fun while you let go, lean in and level up!


early bird.png

$3,997 per couple
and worth every penny!

vailable until April 26th

$2,497 per couple
SAVE $1,500!!

and waayyyy less expensive than a divorce/split

Class tuition includes lunch daily and class materials
Both partners must attend together!!

If you would like to take advantage of our payment plan,
please CLICK HERE.  It's a different link than below.

This class will
sell out!!

If you think "we're good, we don't need a workshop," I invite you to think about it like this.  Working on your relationship is most effective when "you're good." THAT is the exact time to do profound heart work like this. It is not effective when the ship is sinking or someone has pulled the pin from the grenade and  getting ready to launch it.  Your happiness, now and in the future, does not have a price tag... unless you assign it one! 

What the heck are "neuroscience-based, actionable tools"?

Did you know you're thinking about "LOVE" all wrong?

Our thoughts are driven by our beliefs. 

Our beliefs live in something called our unconscious mind. 

You may have heard it called "subconscious" - same thing.


Whether or not you realize it, your unconscious mind makes 90+% of your decisions for you each day.  Those decisions are made from habit and belief, which are intertwined.  Oh, by the way, you are unable to change your unconscious beliefs just because you consciously think about them.   In the Relationships workshop, you will gain valuable insight to the way you think with a mini-crash course on the science and the biology of WHY you do what you do in your romantic relationship. 


Through experiential activities in the weekend, we can rewrite ineffective neural pathways which keep you stuck - feeling frustrated, angry, irritated, unloved.  We'll redirect those synapses instead to move you toward what you authentically WANT in your romantic relationship - meaningful connection, communication, and soulful love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to travel to Denver for this class?

Yes! Both partners MUST be present in-person for this training.  Denver is beautiful in May, usually with warmer weather.  Consider turning your travel into an extended stay, romantic getaway.  You'll feel so connected at the end of the workshop you may want a couple days to yourself to hang the "do not disturb" sign.  If you're resistant to traveling for this class, I would suspect DISTANCE is in a issue in your relationship as well.  Nike, my friend.  Nike.  (just DO it!)


Is this class beneficial to LGBTQ+ couples?
Yes! Let me shoot straight here.  I have family who are "family."  I know and appreciate there are different nuances in a gay relationship.  Yet, this class is based on our HUMAN neurological programming and  how it can get in the way of our happiness in relationships.  You may be gay, however you're also still human.  Everyone is welcome and respected in this class.
Is this class relevant for younger couples?
Yes!  Let me spill the tea.  Our world has evolved to such a fast-pace in the last decade, our younger generations are forced into adult life experiences at a much younger age.  That means that couples in their 20s have usually faced enough hardship, rejection, and challenge for them to appreciate and find value in the Relationships Workshop.
Are we required to stay overnight at the hotel?
No.  We reserved a block of rooms in order to accommodate our out-of-town travelers for this workshop.  However anyone is able to book a room with the link (below, in the "logistics" section.  Frankly, Ray and I will be staying in the hotel ourselves and we only live 5 miles away.  Why?  I want to BE in the experience.  Consider staying if it will create a win for you!
What does "lunch provided" entail?
We FEED you!  A buffet lunch will be served all three days.  There are plenty of dietary options, with gluten-free, vegetarian choices.  When you register, you'll answer a question about dietary requirements so we have a heads up.  Besides, it is efficient to stay on property for lunch so no one has to fight traffic, worry about slow service, etc.

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Attend the 'Relationships: Let Go, Lean In, Level Up' Workshop


10. **Missing Instruction Manual**: Discover the secrets in the missing Instruction Manual for Romantic Relationships.  Ready for your copy?

9. **Find Out Why "I'm Fine" Means Anything But**: Learn the art of deciphering partner-speak and avoid those never-ending loops of misunderstanding.

8. **Become a Mind Reader (Sort Of)**: Get tools to understand what your partner is really asking for, even when they don’t say it out loud.

7. **Escape the Room—Together!**: Tackle problem-solving as a team with better communication skills than before.

6. **Turn Netflix & Chill into an Actual Bonding Experience**: Discover how to deepen your connection beyond screen time. 

5. **From War Zone to Peace Talks**: Master conflict resolution techniques that bring you closer, not drive you apart.


4. **Uncover the Mystery of the Missing Socks**: Or at least learn to laugh about the quirks of cohabitation.


3. **Rediscover the "We" in "Awesome"**: Rekindle that spark and remember why you teamed up in the first place.

2. **The Early Bird Catches the Love Worm**: Take advantage of early registration discounts and invest in your relationship's future.


1. **Understand Happily Ever After Doesn’t Just Happen**: It’s built with intention, knowledge, and the right tools—exactly what this workshop offers.


This list is meant to mix humor with the genuine benefits of attending the workshop, showing that while relationships work is serious, it can also be enjoyable and enriching.

Terri Anderson Wilber, CHt

Ray Wilber, A.R.M.


Terri and Ray Wilber are high school sweethearts who have been together... well, forever, as Ray put it one Valentine's Day long ago!  Terri is a certified trainer of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and MER® (mental and emotional release), as well as being CEO and lead trainer for Ascent Training & Consulting LLC.  She has over two decades in positive transformation and change work with her classes, consulting and coaching.  Ray is a risk manager in the insurance industry who believes strongly in teaching what we learn in this life.  An excellent communicator himself, yet radically different than his wife.  Hence, the golden opportunity to put all their talents together to carefully craft this valuable workshop to assist other couples in thriving as they have. 

Meet Your Trainers

Headshot web small_edited.jpg
Ray and Terri_edited.jpg

A glimpse at Ray and Terri through the years

The Logistics - for our detail-oriented friends

Schedule - The class takes place over 3 days to allow for the deep, cellular learning in the environment being co-created.  The workshop builds upon itself and as such, it must be completed in sequential order.  It is not possible to miss a section then return to class later.

Location - The Denver Marriott West is on the northwest corner of I-70 and Denver West Parkway.  We will be in the Keystone Telluride ballroom.   Lunch will be provided daily at the hotel.  We strongly encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle. 

Accommodations - A limited block of rooms with a special rate has been reserved with the hotel.  You MUST say that you are attending the event with Ascent Training & Consulting, the name of the company offering the workshop called Relationships.  Cutoff for reservations is April 26th, just like the early bird tuition pricing.  Either call reservations at (303) 279-9100 or use this link to book:  Book your group rate for Relationship Retreat

Cancellation Policy - Tuition is 100% refundable through April 26, 2024.  A 75% refund is permitted from 4/27/24 - 5/16/24.  After the class begins on May 17, 24, no refunds are permitted.  We will work with you to reschedule the class.  By the way, the class begins when you register.  That means your limiting beliefs and insecurities will begin to surface in greater frequency as the class approaches.  Know fear and do it anyway!

Relationships is proudly presented by Ascent Training & Consulting

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