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Relationships: Let Go, Lean In, Level Up is a 3-day experiential COUPLES workshop utilizing neuroscience-based actionable tools to evolve and elevate your romantic relationship.  Let's face it, all couples (regardless of gender) have "growth opportunities" in practicing their communication skills.  BOTH PARTNERS MUST ATTEND!  Click the title for more information.

The Edge Wealth Consciousness Program is a 10-week innovative living workshop  that participants take into their daily life and challenge themselves to consciously choose their thoughts around money rather than rely on "auto pilot" (the subconscious belief system - which makes 85+% of our decisions for us daily). 

HEARTSense is a six-week journey into relationships and you.  Develop a new understanding for love, self-love, and what love actually feels like to you. Resolve negative emotions from your past and learn to express yourself and break down barriers to love, whether it be familial love, romantic love or love of self.  Cultivate heart-felt relationships.

Coaching Mastery is a 24-week coaching certification program designed both current and new coaches in establishing a rock-solid foundation for their business, offering exceptional coaching and making the sales process easy.

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