The Edge  Wealth Consciousness Program

Create extraordinary results in your life through leveraging your unique talents


The Edge is an innovative wealth consciousness workshop that participants take into their daily lives and challenge themselves to consciously choose their thoughts around money rather than rely on "auto pilot" (the subconscious beliefs).  Originally designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, this class is actually for EVERYONE with a desire to

  • breakthrough limiting beliefs holding you back in your current money situation,

  • create substantial growth while living your passion,

  • remove blocks and costly $elf $abotage,

  • build a support system that allows you to focus your actions!  


Participants in The Edge will utilize hands-on experiences, daily activities, speaker presentations, a business partner (another class participant) and a plethora of resources to delve into high level wealth consciousness.


"If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must

become a worthwhile person in your own self-development."  ~ Brian Tracy


The Edge Program Schedule for Fall 2021                   

Saturday, August 14           9 am – 7 pm              Kick-off Saturday

Thursday, Aug 17                6:30 pm – 8 pm        MasterMind #1

Thursday, Aug 24                6:30 pm – 8 pm        MasterMind #2

Thursday, Aug 31                6 pm – 9 pm  LIVE    MasterMind #3

Thursday, Sept 7                 6:30 pm – 8 pm        MasterMind #4

Thursday, Sept 14               6 pm – 9 pm  LIVE    MasterMind #5

Thursday, Sept 21               6:30 pm – 8 pm        MasterMind #6

Thursday, Sept 28               6:30 pm – 8 pm        MasterMind #7

Thursday, October 5           6:30 pm – 8 pm       MasterMind #8

Thursday, Oct 14                 9 am – 7 pm             Karma Weekend*

​    through Sunday, October 17

​*Karma Weekend is an out of town excursion - an opportunity to

practice receiving at a very high level. You will be returned to town

by 7 pm on Sunday night.

Please note the weekly MasterMind meetings, most will be Zoom web conference meetings while MM#3 and MM#5 are in-person

meetings.  There will be video content to watch in advance of the weekly Zoom meetings to prepare.


The Edge Investment

because The Edge tuition is absolutely

an investment in YOU with a huge ROI!

Regular Tuition     $1,997

Early Bird Tuition  $1,497


Early Bird must be paid by August 1st.

Payment Plan Available (click for details).

To register for The Edge, please use this button link to choose

the regular price option and pay online.


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Re-audit tuition is $497

Testimonials for The Edge Wealth Consciousness Program

"This is one class you don’t want to miss! I have struggled with money programs my whole life and never realized it. Through the exercises, information and the support I received I am less afraid of money, open to giving and receiving and manifesting a wealthy joy filled future life."

~  Lisa, Entrepreneur

"The Edge helped uncover some money programs and beliefs that have been hiding for a long time. Why was there a "roof" to my potential? Why did I feel undeserving of great things, including wealth? The Edge helped tear down these beliefs, and others, by pushing my previous boundaries and refining my thoughts about my relationship to money. Also, there's a great life application in regards to working with a group to reach a common goal. Very beneficial!"

~  John, Real Estate

"By taking the Edge, I expanded my ideas on how to make money work for me. Four weeks after completing this course, I bought a second home - a home that better meets my wants and not just my needs. Now, I am a real estate entrepreneur.  I am convinced that my experiences during this course created a new awareness and openness that allowed me to simply go for it!   I am so thankful that I took the Edge.
Bonus....I met some utterly incredible people along the way!!!!

~  Susan, Finance Specialist