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QUANTUM LEAP Breakthrough Session

Quantum Leap Breakthrough      $4,997

Are you ready for a Quantum Leap in an area of your life?

A Break Through Session (BTS) is a multi-session, in-depth process to uncover major limiting beliefs and stop points that keep you stuck in a specific area of your life.  Then using a very specific, proven system, we will shift  your belief system for positive change in that area of your life.  Choose one of six areas - Career, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Family, Spirituality or Personal Growth& Development.  A BTS consists of a strategy session call, pre-session homework, Live Session #1 (up to 3 hrs), Live Session #2 (up to 5 hours) and post-session Road Map action plan.

Mental and Emotional Release® Work

Letting go of "baggage" as we refer to it means letting go of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, limiting beliefs and core wounds.  When we do release work, we take back our energy and our power to live our lives from intention and purpose, giving lift to our dreams.  Is it time for you to be free?

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