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A 6-week Journey into    Relationships & You

   A powerful experience for everyone

     seeking authentic connection

Telling Ourselves the Stone-Cold Truth

If asked, most Americans would say they know who they are, have a strong sense of self and self-love.  And most of us believe that narrative.  Yet what belies that potential fabrication is our actions, specifically the way we connect with others… or not.  Regardless of relationship status, the hard reality is approximately seventy percent of us are lonely, feel left out, poorly understood and/or lacking companionship.  Yes, even the married folk.  The barrier to deep and abiding connection with others exists within us, not out in the world.  We are unable to connect with close friends, a romantic partner, family without first authentically loving ourselves.


Each one of us has a unique relationship with self.  That relationship is defined by the beliefs existing in our unconscious mind.  In this compelling, experiential workshop, participants will uncover their individual barriers, resolve negative emotions from the past, understand their heart’s desires and expand into cultivating heart-felt relationships.

Rewrite your internal code for love – of self and others

Investment in You      $3,000 per student or $5,000 per couple

Please note - while this class is a relationship class,

you do NOT have to be *IN* a relationship

to gain immense value from the class.

Included in your tuition:

  • An individualized Mental and Emotional Release® Breakthrough Session (done live either in person or via Zoom web conference)

  •         10+ hours of training video content

  •        Dynamic workbook 

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