Ascent Training & Consulting is the accumulation of a life's work in high-level, responsible communication.

Terri Wilber, CHt. CNLP
CEO and Lead Facilitator

Terri Wilber specializes in the way you THINK.  With a background in neuroscience and behavioral studies, Terri bridges the gap in the way your conscious mind and unconscious mind communicate with one another.  Terri is Certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming, a Master Practitioner in Mental and Emotional Release , and a Master Hypnotherapist.  She has a wide variety of tools available to support clients in rewiring the hardwired belief systems currently in place to that of the client's ultimate goals. 

After 30+ years of marriage (to the same man, even!), Terri has proven superb communication skills are the key to all relationships.  As an expert in communication, she offers her resources in negotiation and mediation, both in business settings and with interpersonal situations.

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