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Ascent - a movement upward to a higher state

Our mission is to boldly evoke the very best version of YOU.  We believe strongly in the concept of "look, see, move."

At Ascent, we specialize in communication - whether that be between businesses, individuals or the internal conversations between your conscious and unconscious selves.  Our trainings and 1-on-1 services focus on utilizing neuroscience techniques to leverage your internal resources to boldly actualize your goals.  Our signature 12-week coach-specific training program, The Roadmap to Coaching Mastery, turns your coaching business profitable by activating the 3 C's - community, clarity & currency.  Check it out under our Courses tab.

With decades of experience, Ascent Training & Consulting is built on a platform of expert communication, authentic relationship management and effective neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to overcome the limiting beliefs and "head trash."

We host trainings, courses and workshops, both online and in person, as well as consulting and coaching to energize the vibrant leader within you.  Our community of like-minded life-trekkers offers acceptance, support, respect and expansion.

Would you like to journey with us?  Somewhere, our paths are all intertwined.

Our clients have a lot to say about working with us!!

Thanks, Kitty, for the awesome testimonial!

Kitty Coy is the best-selling author of Live an Empowered Life NOW!

Our signature courses are exclusively designed to bridge the gap in communication and get you speeding to your goals at lightning pace. 


Designed to support individuals and "solopreneurs," our courses are available in detail by clicking the button below.

At Ascent Training & Consulting, we specialize in transformational coaching to create the outcome you desire.  Shifting your belief system to make way for the life you choose to create is daunting alone so we partner with our clients to create new neural pathways to support the dreams you want to bring forth into your reality!

The Edge
Wealth Consciousness Program

What people are saying about The Edge Wealth Consciousness Program

"It’s just too much to say! The biggest thing I would add is that I made small changes that have had a huge impact, I transformed beliefs, and fell back in love with my dreams... but I also had a lot of fun. The value is kind of the hidden gem of this class." ~ Rebecca



14143 Denver West Pkwy Ste 100

Golden, CO 80401

Tel: 720-608-1893

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