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strategy sessions

Big Learning in Convenient Packaging!

The new 2020’s reinvention of the “lunch and learn,” Strategy Sessions are bite-sized (you see what we did there?!) up-skilling for your staff.  These high-quality educational programs designed to handle specific objectives of the employer.


Fun and interactive, the Strategy Sessions can be presented in one 4-hour time block or broken down into four (4)

one-hour increments.  If choosing the incremental series, it is not necessary to host the entire series.

Strategy Sessions are available as Zoom web conferences or as live, in-person trainings in our offices or yours.

Communication:  Same Page, Same Book

#1 – I say what I mean…don’t I?  

Words are hard.  Often times, our words are hijacked by tone, body language

and energy.

#2 – What do I think and why?

Understanding what we think/believe and how that belief came into being is a

critical component to effective communication.

#3 – Navigating Different Communication Styles

The majority of conflict in the workplace can be negated or diffused simply by

learning to understand other communication styles.  

#4 – Clarity is key

The direct approach has a bad rap in the workplace yet understanding how to

deliver clear, concise information in a direct manner without inciting conflict is a compelling skill. 

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Learn earn no back.jpg

Sales:  We ALL Sell…period.

#1 – “Sales” is a 4-letter word

Sales has become a polarizing term in our culture.  Demystify the art and frankly, the necessity, of sales and selling because we ALL sell every day.

#2 – Create Instant Rapport

Consumers make buying decisions based on connection and other unspoken, unseen factors.  Learn the subtly of those factors and how to effectively use them in the sales process.

#3 – Using Language in Selling

Each one of use uses a specific set of language to define our world.  Learn to recognize that language in your clientele and your sales will soar, customer service will skyrocket and employee satisfaction will be off the charts!

#4 – Closing is EASY, just ASK!

Whether “sales” is in your job title or not, we are always selling.  What if it were easy?  What if you knew the magical secret to closing the deal?  You will with this training!

PRICING of Strategy Sessions starts at $1,000 for each complete 4-part series or $250 per "power-hour" segment for Zoom web conferences.  Live, in-person sessions may be higher. 

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